A Fresh Start
December 04, 2021
by Isak Olson

Hey friends! Phoebe and I are so excited to start our first blog together! We can’t wait to get to share with you the learning experience we get to have at Shiloh Church in Black Hawk, SD. Allow this blog to let you into our lives a little bit into what we do ministry-wise. God has blessed us tremendously with so many wonderful gifts to use within the Church. And as we look into the future of the possibility of full-time ministry, this is one of the many small, sometimes big, steps into strengthening our foundation in Christ as Christ-followers within the Church.

Now what exactly do Phoebe and Isak do at Shiloh you might ask? One of the bigger roles that we had the privilege of doing is leading Kids Club on Wednesday nights. One thing we did this summer together was lead kids club and to go right back into it this fall was pretty awesome! Kids Club would consist of a time of games, bible story, and snacks. One of the kids favorite things to do during kids club was to act out the story, oh, and play games. All kids like to do that. Another one of our roles is we get the opportunity to invest our time into the youths’ lives in the youth group setting. We aren’t the leaders but it’s always fun when the youth leaders let us decide on some fun games to play. Shuffle your buns is a youth favorite. Finally during Sunday mornings, we both have new roles that we’ve acquired. Isak has been teaching confirmation once a month while Phoebe has started to help with Sunday School by filling in where needed, which primarily consists of crowd control. Along with the Christmas festivities, Isak preached the first Sunday of Advent while Phoebe help leads the children’s Christmas program.

To put it, we are so thankful for the gifts God has given us! Throughout our next couple of blog posts, you’ll get to hear some of our personal stories of events that happened, encounters we had with kids, and of course quick ministry growth updates. Please be praying for us as we embark on this journey serving Shiloh, grow in our relationships with the families at church, and continue to settle into Rapid City life. If you would like to give to us use the give tab at the top of the page and select Isak Olson 

~Isak & Phoebe