Adrenaline Faith VS. Cardiovascular Faith
June 01, 2023
by Isak Olson

Hey friends,

Since the last time I posted, a lot of good things are happening at Shiloh not only for Phoebe and I as interns but also for the church as a whole congregation. As a congregation, Shiloh’s biggest blessing came in getting another pastor in Pastor Jon Langness. It’s been a joy getting to know him in these past few months, and Phoebe and I are excited to hand off the baton to him as he leads Shiloh Youth once we leave for the Free Lutheran Seminary coming this fall to start the next step on our journey. 

For Phoebe and I, we are remaining busy in our time as interns at Shiloh, but we have enjoyed every minute of it. From staying up 27 hours for a youth lock-in to 22 teens going to FLY this year (for the record, we were only expecting 9), we have seen God’s work big time while at Shiloh! God has been so good to us while at Shiloh. I am continually reminded of Christ’s sufficient work that He accomplished on the cross for me and for all the youth that I get to minister to. It’s been so fun going through our bible study topics (topics have been on current issues and questions that they may face) this year as we, as youth leaders, have been seeking to equip them with the tools necessary as young Christian teens in an ever-changing world.

At our last bible-study for this school year, I encouraged the teens to look at life with an eternal mindset. I find encouragement in this thought that an eternal mindset really does change things and it especially makes life more enjoyable. An eternal mindset allows us to enjoy Jesus for who He is and what He has done for us and then resting in His sufficient sacrifice.

With that said, summer is in full swing which means schedules get busy for everyone including Phoebe and I, but I am reminded that as a youth leader my job is to invest in these teens lives as much as I can while still here. We have already had one summer youth outing and are looking forward to more which includes the main event of FLY early in July. With these different youth events, I have been thinking a lot recently about how these events can sometimes create an adrenaline rush of faith where the teens show up to these youth outings and leave feeling fired up about Jesus only to return to their normal routine where Jesus seems to be placed on the back-burner. My word of thought for those reading this is that I encourage you to have a cardiovascular faith. Get this, an adrenaline rush of Jesus is born in super inspiring moments, but I think we are more than just a collection of inspirational moments. What we as Christians need is a cardiovascular faith in which we will have moments of high and low intensity. We as Christians will experience the best of the best on those mountain top experiences but also will face the valleys of doubt, discouragement, and failure. My question for you is: What will you do when those valleys come? Will you crumble or will you turn to King Jesus who presence is all we need in those valleys. This is something I am continually teaching the teens at Shiloh and I pray that this would be a word of encouragement to you as well that Christ is present with us and He is for us. 

As I finish this blog, I am encouraged by all the support we are getting from people like you. I truly believe that the body of Christ needs to encourage each other daily in the kingdom work. There are definitely days that are hard and days that feel like we are getting nowhere through the teens heads, but then there are days where the lightbulb goes on for a teen where they see the truth of the gospel for them. Again, your prayers are much appreciated. We ask that you especially pray not only for the teens at Shiloh but for all teens who have to learn to navigate in a dark world. Pray for them to stay strong in their faith grounded in the work of Christ. Also, please be in prayer for them and all the other youth as they attend and as God speaks to each of them through the theme of RESTORATION at FLY 2023.

Well Friends, thank you again for all your support through prayer. I’d like to mention to that if you feel led to give financially the give tab is found at the top of our page if you’d like to give to us. Thanks friends!!! God bless!

~Isak Olson (701-891-9240) – feel free to reach out if you need someone to talk to!