Snowball Fight Gone Wrong
January 04, 2022
by Isak Olson

Hey friends! It is Isak and Phoebe back once again for our second blog post. Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year with all your friends and family celebrating together the birth of Jesus. The Christmas season was full of joy and adventures for us as we got to see friends and family. So much fun!

One adventure that we got to have this Christmas season, in relation to our work as interns at Shiloh, was the Youth Christmas Party. Talk about a great time! The Christmas party consisted of the traditional youth favorite pizza, a campfire and smores, and games. Two of our favorite events of the night definitely included the white elephant gift exchange in which the youth exchanged gag gifts, like a moldy lemon to name one of the gifts. The other event happened to be an unexpected snowball fight in which the guy who is writing this, that is Isak, smoked Pastor Andy with a snowball. Hopefully his feelings aren’t hurt too bad :). Note of advice, be nice to your pastor despite how much you would desire to throw a snowball at him. All in all, the party was a blessed time for the youth to be together as a community.

In our time with the youth specifically, we have found that community is so important to these young people. Being together by playing games, having food, and doing devotions has really intrigued the kids to keep coming back for more. They have even asked for a youth lock-in at Church so they can stay up all night. We’ll see what happens with that. Phoebe and I ask that you please be praying for these youth in their walk with the Lord. Pray for the Ruth and Tara, the main youth leaders, as they continue to do so much for the youth. Please be praying for Phoebe and myself as we continue to serve the youth with our gifts. Be in prayer for our work outside of the Church as well as that can be grueling at times, and if you would like to give to us, use the give tab at the top of the page and select Isak Olson.

~Isak & Phoebe

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11